Sweet Dreams Set


Image of Sweet Dreams Set

This set is designed for people who love to sleep, and dream, and then sleep and dream again. Three (3) individual bags of Somnus herbal soaking tea and one Artemisia mugwort dream salve.

Somnus herbal soaking tea is a blend of organic lavender, organic chamomile, and organic hops flowers and natural dead sea salt and epsom salt. A touch of lavender essential oil for therapeutic benefits and sodium bicarbonate and citric acid for fizz and further skin-softening properties complete this tea. Drop sachet into filling bath and enjoy a relaxing natural bath.

Artemisia mugwort dream salve is made with organic mugwort and organic wormwood and natural olive oil and vegan candelilla wax. Rub a pea-sized amount onto the soles of feet before bed to enhance dream vividness.