Herbal Soaking Teas


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Deliciously luxurious herbal bath teas, sewn into unbleached organic cotton bags and stamped with a soy-based inked. Each tea sachet is filled with natural salts and organic herbs and flowers, a touch of sodium bicarbonate and citric acid for fizz, and essential oils for therapeutic benefits and subtle scent. Remove sachet from paper bag and drop into filling bath. Allow to steep throughout bath, if desired. Discard after use. Biodegradable bag. Each sachet measures 3 inches by 4 inches and weighs approximately 2-3 ounces.

Talk to a healthcare or herbal professional before using if pregnant, or before using with children.

Somnus- Smells of sweet lavender and chamomile. A blend of organic lavender, organic hops flowers, and organic chamomile flowers and natural sea salts and epsom salts. Blended to promote a restful state of mind and encourage sleep. Use caution when using this with sedatives and alcohol.

Halcyon- This soak smells very faintly damp and earthy, like a forest after a storm. Almost unscented. Blended to soothe anxiety, with organic valerian root, organic damiana, and organic St. John's Wort and French grey salts. Not recommended for children. Be cautious when using this with other sedative products or with alcohol. Valerian increases sedative effects.

Phoenix- This refreshingly rosemary and subtle rose-scented blend has been formulated to rejuvenate mind and skin. Contains organic roses, organic juniper berries, organic rosemary and Himalayan pink salts.

Tempus- This peppermint-smelling herbal soak has been crafted especially to help with menstrual cramps. Blended with Epsom salts, organic cramp bark, and organic peppermint leaves.


Image of Herbal Soaking Teas Image of Herbal Soaking Teas Image of Herbal Soaking Teas Image of Herbal Soaking Teas